Cool Tool for Watching “Uncluttered Videos”

YouTube videos can provide a wealth of information, but often, the related matter can be distracting or unwelcome. With ViewPure, you can watch videos in theater mode without comments or related videos that can clutter the screen with distractions. Simply copy and paste the URL in to the box and click on Purify. The video can then be viewed without the related sidebar content.

Inauguration Resources

January 20th is U.S. Inauguration Day for the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. has designed a web site that gives users a behind-the-scene look at this important event. Users will be able to view information regarding the swearing-in ceremony and learn interesting facts about past presidential inaugurations, and see historic documents related to early presidents. You can also learn facts about presidents, vice presidents, and first ladies, past and present and learn about the election. process.

More Summer Reading Fun


From the folks at Reading Rockets, here’s a great site that helps families explore reading adventures for their children. The free resources from Start with a Book include favorite themes such as dinosaurs, building, animals, sports, superheroes and music and include great themed reading adventure packs. Children can have fun while strengthening their reading skills. The flyer below contains more information as well as the site’s web address. Have fun reading & enjoy the rest of the summer!


Read Around the Library: 600s

The 600s shelves include books on the human body, space exploration, pets, and much more!


The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA)
has a great site for kids to learn all about exploring (and living in) space.

NASA-kids-club-iconNASA Kids Club


Here are some great interactive sites that help families learn to make healthy choices:

Nutrition Explorations                         Solusville

Nutrition Explorations




B.A.M. Body and Mind                      



Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


During this first week of March, we are celebrating the birthday of one of the most beloved authors of children’s books, Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

In Library, we are reading a few Seuss classics and also a selection from a relatively new book called the The Bippolo Seed and Other Stories. Some classes are also reading  How to Help the Earth-by the Lorax, one of the non-fiction books in the Cat in the Hat  Learning Library.

Make sure to check out The Lorax Project, a section of the online Seussville site that encourages students to help protect forests and the endangered species of our planet.



Stuck Inside On a Cold Snowy Day? Try Some Science & Technology Fun

Has the latest polar vortex and snowstorm left you feeling cooped up inside? Why not try some hands-on science fun? The folks at Howcast have assembled more than 50 short videos on creating cool things like a balloon-powered car, 3-D glasses or a mini hovercraft. Make sure to have parental permission before attempting to make anything on your own.

mini_hover_craft_hd_2_xxxlargeHave fun learning & leave some comments about what you created!

Winter Celebrations Around the World

During this time of the year, many people around the world are celebrating different traditions and holidays.

Challenge: Choose 1 of the WebQuests below to learn more about different celebrations around the world.  Then, take the online quiz (Quiz Your Noodle) or have fun and create a snowflake or decorate a gingerbread man.


   National Geographic Kids: Winter Celebrations

   Christmas Around the World


Online Challenge 




Quiz Your Noodle-Interactive Quiz on Winter Holidays

Create & Share

   Create & Share a Snowflake

  Decorate a Gingerbread Man


Newsweek Magazine’s All Digital Content

   As you may know, Newsweek Magazine has ended publication of  its weekly print edition.  As of the beginning of the year, the magazine has been renamed Newsweek Global, and all future content will be digital only.  Our library’s print subscription has been converted to allow us access to this new format.

To read selections of the current digital content,  you may access the Daily Beast web site.

To read the full current issue and access previous issues online, you will need to connect to the Newsweek Web Reader Issue Library
Please contact Mrs. Lorbert if you need help accessing the new digital content.

The new version offers readers an interactive multimedia experience with animated covers that incorporate video and audio. The  format is certainly attention-getting , but readers not accustomed to reading their news online or on digital devices will need learn to navigate the content displayed.  For the most part, clicking on screen arrows, swiping and tapping will be all that is needed to connect to a story or feature.

Will you miss flipping though the pages of the print edition or are you pleased with the switch to the new format?