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Would you like to write a review or recommend a great book?

We would love to hear about the books you are reading! Students and adults are encouraged to share their thoughts on books they have read. Please complete the form below and click Submit Your Review when you are finished. Your review will automatically be e-mailed, and then we will post it on the blog for you.

Here's your chance to tell about the book. In the box above, you can write a short summary, or describe some of the characters or something interesting in the book (without giving away the ending). Please include comments on why you liked the book and add your recommendation.

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2 thoughts on “Submit a Book Review

  1. Hello East Woods School Library,

    What a wonderful thing that you can write a book recommendation for your school! What a great way to share books…. the good ones and the not so good ones.

    The summer is a great time to read books. Why don’t you talk to your terrific librarian and find out what she would recommend? I’ll bet she has read some books you would really enjoy…and you don’t even know they’re out there waiting for you!

    Looking forward to hearing what YOU think of the books,

    Barb Langridge

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