Our blog is a way for us to share thoughts about books and reading and is for East Woods students, their families, and school faculty.  Comments on the blog are held for moderation before they actually appear online.


Comments extend the conversation beyond blog posts and allow readers to interact and write comments about the posts online.  To write a comment:

  • Click on the heading of the post on which you’d like to comment
  • Scroll down until you find the “Leave a Comment” box and enter your comment
  • Students should enter only their first names and first initial of last name on the reply form.  They do not have to fill in an e-mail address or Web site
  • Adults are encouraged to leave their names and e-mail addresses, but are not required
  • All comment writers must enter the anti-spam security word, copying the letters as they appear.  Then press submit reply box

Guidelines for Comments

1. Students-please do not reveal personal information in your comments such as last names, addresses or phone numbers.

2. Make sure your comment is relevant to the post.  You may add new information, ask a question, or compliment the writer.

3. Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in your comment, and  please proof-read and edit before submitting.

3.   Sidebars

These are the columns to the right and left of the main entries.  The sidebars will often include polls,calendars, lists of categories and other interactive features.

Suggestions or Questions?

If you’ve read a book and would like to suggest  a book for discussion, or write a review or have any questions, please e-mail Mrs. Lorbert at

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One thought on “Guidelines

  1. I really like the new blog because i can see all of the new books in the library. The layout of the site is really easy to use. I love it!

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