Fifth Grade Book Trailers!

The Fifth Grade students read a great selection of books this year. They used an online application called Animoto to create book trailers, or short videos that introduce their books.

Joe read Redwall: Where Legends are Made.

Jack C. recommends Spy School

Eli thinks you’ll be interested in Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen.

Chris B. read Bunnicula.

Daniel recommends Big Nate Flips Out

Jonathan thinks that you will like The Report Card.

Henry recommends Super Slugger.

Jack H. thinks that you will like reading Hatchet.

Sarah recommends Number the Stars.

Chris D. read Wayne Gretzky: an Autobiography

If you like basketball, Andrew thinks you will like Crossover.

Jehanara recommends Wonder.

If you like exciting books, then George thinks Stranded is a good choice.

Nick recommends Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog.

Jared thinks you will like Alex Rider: Stormbreaker.

Spencer recommends Hatchet.

Elodie thinks that you will like Tangerine.

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